Nail art


Let us indulge both your hands and feet with our pampering nail care services. Relax in the comfort of our private manicure/pedicure room. Enjoy our state of the art pipeless pedicure spa, ensuring relaxing hydrotherapy and peace of mind. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. When you come to us for your manicure or pedicure needs, you’ll get great service at fantastic prices.


Your feet and hand nails require the same care and attention as other body parts. When it comes to taking care of the nails, no one can do it better than the experts. When you visit us, you can just relax and enjoy the perfect manicure and pedicure done by the team of experts, rest assured you are aware of being in safe hands as the only highest quality of products are applied. This ensures you come back every time you need nail care.


Our team of experts understand that attention to detail plays a vital role as far as nail treatment is concerned. Other than providing nail benefits, our experts providing nail care services also offer nail art and spa solutions. It works for the benefit of our client as you can try out different nail art designs. You can even discuss the design with our nail technician. Or if you are confused, you can just let our experts handle the same.


Our experts are aware of various nail art and nail polish which you can choose according to the length of the nail. These are some of the advantages you get when you visit Libzt Signature. Do not delay and give your nails the care and attention it deserves.