How much money will you have in 6 years if you invest $3000 at a 3.1% annual rate of interest compounded quarterly?

Accepted Solution

ResultThe interest is $203670 and the amount is $206670.ExplanationSTEP 1: Convert interest rate of 3.1% per day into rate per year.rate per year = rate per day⋅365=3.1%⋅365=1131.5%STEP 2: Find an interest by using the formula I=P⋅i⋅t, where I is interest, P is total principal, i is rate of interest per year, and t is total time in years.In this examplee P = $3000, i = 1131.5% and t = 6 years, soIII=P⋅i⋅t=3000⋅11.315⋅6=203670STEP 3: Find an amount by using the formula A=P+I.Since P = $3000 and I = $203670 we haveAAA=P+I=3000+203670=206670